Wednesday, December 11, 2013

planning, editing, and writing

I spent the last few days peaking out my window to see the ground not covered in a white fluffy snow but hard white ice. The trees looked sad too with their branches sagging low due the extra weight.  (Many toppled braches/trees were seen too and a pole from a nearby driving range)

So with a blanket around to keep the chill out I started a massive organization of my story. I wrote the second half of Searching for the Queen’s Palace during NaNoWriMo and just did a major cut of all the “add on” scenes. I ended up keeping only 36,000 of the written 50,000 because I came to the end of the novel, but not the end of the story. That was rather easy because the mindless character’s retrospect I highlighted in black.

 The next thing was to number each scene and create a sentence summary about what happened. I wrote these out on paper and created my story arch for each timeline.

After that I grouped them into how the scenes would appear in the story and cut out repetitive scenes/ added new ones. Then I wrote all those on index cards to make it a bit easier to use.

Anyone else doing after NaNo editing? How are you doing it?