Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter coats

The weather change so much in the span of two days. It went from the high 70s  down to the 30s. Perhaps it is for the best, it’s winter after all, and it has no business being in the 70s unless it’s the tropics.

I’m actually rather fond of winter since it seems to bring the best out of people’s fashion. (Though I often see more hoodies than nice winter coats)

I bought a new coat  this summer, which left me much anticipating the first thermometer drop of the year.   It's from Juliette et Justine  and is a wonderful wearable tapestry with a crest of lions and crown. The buttons are large crowns with a pearl and diamond design to them. They are a little tricky to get into their holes, but do look ever so nice once they are.

What’s your go-to winter coat?