Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jfashion wardrobe post

Formatting here kind of got a little bit crazy. So if you want to see my Jfashion closet please click here.  The other years I've posted were in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Personally I find it interesting to see what I decided to keep and not.  Over the years I've become rather good at seeing a dress and mostly knowing if it will fit/ look good on me. So I've notice a transition to those types of dresses, so many underbust items. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Offbrand/non-Japanese inspired clothes 2015

Every year in January for the past three years I've been taking photos of Japanese fashion. This year, I decided to do this for all my clothes. So here are the non-Japanese inspired ones.  Most of the skirts are from various Korean designers.

As you can see even my 'regular' blouses are covered in pintucks!

 Up close look of the sweater. Such a nice lace I had to buy it. Even if it looks really odd with most of my closet.

So though this might not be the most interesting I feel this year it was good to take photos of these items since generally these are why get replaced the most often. Please look for my 2015 Jfashion wardrobe post soon! 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Editing Calendar

I thought about rereading Revising and Self-Editing for Publication by James Scott Bell, but then I realized I already made a revision check list from last year's NaNoWriMo. So I took those points and moved then around to create an 8 month revision plan. It might seem a bit long, but it was a NaNo novel and those are creatures that need many, many revisions.  So here is my time line.

Dec 1 ~7
Fix minor issues
·         No more red/green lines
·         Location changes
·         Characters realizing things are wrong
·         Write positive review

Dec 8~15
Print out story in different font
·         Read once with no markings
·         Read again and mark it up
·         Double check that events  follow the Scene & Sequel correctly
·         Describe any changes are needed and how to change
·         Rank the worst scenes, throw out the #1 rank and work the others in order from worst to greatest.

Dec 16~Jan 18
Draft 2 using all the changes you noted rewrite story

Jan 19~29
Reprint story in different font
·         Make a list of ‘set ups’ with page number and list ‘pay off’ with page number.
        Ex: talk about a pool table, and then use it in a later scene
·         Are minor characters interesting? Make them unique and add to the drama of story
·         Gather all opening paragraphs. Are they varied? If not change.
·         Gather all ending paragraphs. Do they make you want to read more?
·         Describe any changes that are needed and how to change

Jan 30 ~ March 1
Draft 3 Make changes that you noted from previews
Hand out to beta readers for their comments. Give beta readers a deadline

March 2 ~ 18
Reprint story in different font
·         Cut out character thoughts, instead show how they feel.
·         Describe one thing in the room, not the whole room (Bell)
·         Describe each main character without saying what they look like or what they do.  Can’t then they are flat and need fixing.  (Star Wars)
·         Make/print out calendar for the story. Check dates.
·         Check with beta reader’s comments
·         Describe any changes that are needed and how to change

March 19 ~ April 20
Draft 4 Make changes that you noted from previews
Hand out to beta readers for their comments. Give beta readers a deadline

April 21~ 30
Take a break. Work on something else

May 1~ 22
Print story in different font
·         Are minor characters interesting? Make them unique and add to the drama of story
·         List the themes. Do the threads carry throughout the story?
·         Check that each chapter flows onto the next in a logical order
·         Skip around in the book. Does every part feel like it’s written by the same person?
·         Choose words carefully, take some out/put some in?
·         Describe any changes that are needed and how to change

May 23~ June 15
Draft 5
Make changes that you noted from previous

June 16 ~ July 1
Sent draft to get line edited
Work on
·         query letter
·         synopsis
·         elevator pitch

July 2 ~24
Sent query letter and synopsis to editor
Fix things editor suggested
Practice query letter/pitch out loud

July 24~26

DFW writers con 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Oops not dead

Hello to my random blog that I have put aside the past...month for NaNoWriMo. I have learned in this month I enjoy making videos much more than blog post. Anyway, I finished my NaNoWriMo 50k and have documented it here.

And here's my winning video where I do a smashing victory dance. (You just can't see it)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Writer's Journey

A little video about my writer's journey and a little sneak peak into what I've been working on and will get 50,000 words written in November for!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Outfit of the Day

I went out recently to celebrate a friend's birthday. The skirt, After Tea Part, corset belt and socks are all from the brand Enchantlic Enchantilly.

The blouse is from Ichigo 15

Accessories are so fun, and I always think they help make a gothic look stand out. The headdress is from MorunXMuuna Stoic. The necklace is actually a mini-canvas painting done by the awesome artist Magalie Henon.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Execentrique Winter Collection Thoughts.

Excentrique revealed their photo catalogue for their Winter collection Carnival in the Dark.

Being a massive fan of Excentrique, I happily clicked away at the link. These were a few of the pieces that caught my eye. They do have several other looks so have fun watching.  

The print for the collection is his Carrousel hot air balloon clip art nightmare. It looks good on a bag, but all over a dress? No, this is too much for you Excentrique and luckily I’m happier with the other items.

A stripped green theme runs throughout the collection too. It’s very refreshing since green isn’t too common of a color. They also have a similar stripped theme in red.  

This jacket is awesome. It wonderfully mimics what I imagine the ring leader of a circus would wear.

The same vibrant red is also used in one of Excentrique’s signature corset skirts. This one features some interesting looking brass buttons and a golden jabot.

One of the striped pieces is very Addam’s Family reminiscent with its black and grey color scheme. Though, I think this specific piece looks like an artist’s smock, and a long sleeved dress is not very practical in Texas.

This dress, however, I love! I really like the subtle stripes and the simplicity of the design, which is easy to wear. I wonder if this will come in the Addam’s Family black and grey.


The second dress I like is this jumperskirt style. The lace along the bottom matches a blouse, which is stunning with pintucks down the front. I think the white of the dress, however, is a bit dull. The way the doubling of the fabric along the seams is just a bit off putting. I hope this comes in a different color, perhaps a green or deep red to the standard black.

What from Excentrique’s Winter collection are you excited for? 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Taobao Hual

The first thing I bought was this massive Classical Puppets A-line petite coat. I had it custom made to add some length to it, but oh my,  is it huge. I stuffed it under my mattress in hopes it would deflate, but that didn’t work. I took out a layer of fluff and it’s still huge! 

Oh well, it’s currently stuck in my mattress so hopefully it’ll be down to a reasonable size son.

Next, I bought this blouse from ichigo three colors. I love the blouses from this brand.  They are custom made and very easy to wear.

The black blouse is also from ichigo 15. I have a similar style in loved sleeved. It wears wonderfully and I love the extra pintucks. The blue blouse is from X and I would not recommend buying this. The elastic on the sleeves are very tight and uncomfortable even after first putting it on.

The next  item was a Miss Point skirt. It was by the biggest impulse buy of my life. I didn’t even try it on I sold it as soon as it came!

I got a large wicker purse, which is much larger than I thought it was. The hard whicker purse with the brown is very cute, while the white pearl purse was covered with hot glue strings. 

I think out of the three the one with the brown accents is the best. It even has a floral pattern on the inside.

The final items are a collection of small items. The top both came from this store and while the cat purse is smaller than I thought the level of detail is amazing. There are several different kinds of quilted textures and the cat’s tail moves. The ID holder I’ve been wearing since I received it and is holding up very well. I would be happy to buy from this shop again! The mirror and card cases are fine. I found the green one to not work well for my needs. There is no space to double up on cards so with only four slots it was lacking. The grey one didn’t feel sturdy enough for me so that’s another pass

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Out Fit of the Day: MMM & MM

Just a few quick snap shots of an out fit of the day. I realized after the photo that everything is from two brands Moi meme Moitie and Miho Matsuda. Talk about attack of the Ms. I love this MMM dress it's over 10 years old and still in awesome shape. On top of the print there's a weave to the fabric.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Excentrique Owns my Bank Account

I am in love with all of these Fall releases that Excentrique has been putting out. So much that even the looks that I didn't think I would like I find myself wanting to own! Oh my!

Here's the latest two that I'm excited to join my closet.

First was this Bell of the Ball Bustle skirt. I think it was the purple called that really pulled me into the skirt. Also the fact that the fully shirred waist came with a waist tie. I find fully shirred items very comfortable to wear, but the looks always suffers and really, for me. it something that needs to be covered to look nice.

The next item was the Bell of the Ball corset skirt. I was debating so much between black and purple and after seeing the purple I went with black. The corset part can detach completely and easily be worn with other items, which is was pushed me to the black. Once the corset is off you do have a fully shirred chiffon skirt. 

So I only know of three other items I'm looking at from Excentrique to buy, a cape, white lace skirt and a white mini-corset, but at at this point who knows. I might end up with everything they put out for Fall. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Outfit of the Day

Just a quick outfit of the day. The dress is by Moi Meme Moitie and the cape is Lapin Agill. I just ran about the mall for a little while and recorded a video.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Taobao Haul and Review

A rather large box for what I thought wasn't really a lot of things. This ordered was received about three weeks ago and during the time I was able to wear/use the items for a better review. Since I did take time to hold on these for a better review a few items have no line since they are out of stock.

This hat is simple straw, cute, but I noticed the tag is on the front and not the back like it usually is.

These hangers are awesome! I bought from this company before, and they've actually held up better than ones I bought from the Container store. I bought six black ones, and they added the butterfly one for free. 

I bought these three shirts from Little Dipper. I bought an XL and the bust was said to go up to 100cm and with a 97cm it fits fine without and gaps or pulling. I'm rather happy with them.

These two boleros I'm not happy with. The net sleeves with the lace is just cheap looking. They looked better in the stock photos and the 'almond' looks more like yellow. 

These are travel bags. I do travel a bit and the normal plastic bags look a bit dull. The smaller ones feel a bit ticker than Ziplock and obviously look much better! The two drawstring bags are good for dirty clothes. I was able to stick about 5 days worth of my not as frilly clothes. 

A lot of smaller items, but the flower hair clip is probably the only one worth any note. Secured with two alligator clips, it stays well on the head. 

These were all bought from the same shop and I think I love the rabbit handkerchief the most. These are perfect for using as a napkin at cafes where they only have paper ones available.  These are made from nice material and are soft. I admit I haven't washed them yet so I'm not 100% sure how bad the color fade is.

Last I bought some tea tins at this store. I've used these before, and they are always awesome. The lid on top helps to protect the tea from becoming exposed to the air and they just look so cute! It's always a plus when you can put your teas in something cute. 

In case you're one more interested in the video format, here I am opening the items.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tea time Shopping for tea

I splashed into making youtube videos! This one is about shopping for quality tea at your local grocery store.


Friday, July 25, 2014

The Old In Out

With new clothing items comes taking items out of my closet. So here's the in & out of the my wardrobe.

So coming into my wardrobe is this Excentrique dress called Lace OP. It's still currently on the site but only in black

This pencil skirt was handmade by System 63. It's a cute skirt, but without a slip I have to use my own. So that's just a tiny tick that makes me not want to wear this skirt as often. 

This next dress coming in is from Millie Fleurs and called Lace and Georgette. It's a wonderful chiffon and so easy to wear. 

The chiffon dress that the Millie Fleurs is replacing is Barouque's Antique Cutlery.  There were just a lot of things not working for this dress. There's miss matched lace, the fit is off, and the mint chiffon trim is cut in the front.  I found it blah the moment I put it on.

Coming into my wardrobe is this Ann Taylor skirt. It's just something simple with this awesome quilt feel to it. I love the flower design. 

Going out is this Korean skirt from a company called Design by J. I bought it off yesstyle. The slit on this skirt only goes half way down. So during the day it will start to go up making it rather uncomfortable to wear.