Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day VS. Night Writing

I never gave much thought on if I generally wrote at night or at day. Most of my days are spent working and before that school, which considerably shrink the day hours. There was a year in high school that I would wake at 4 or 5 to write. Now I set my alarm precisely at 7:18 to get all the sleep I can. (Why have a normal alarm set to 7:15 when I can get three more minutes.) By the time I get home, eat dinner, and make a pot of tea it’s naturally night. So would this mean I was once a day writing, but now I am a night writer?

I guess the best judge of my current writing habits is on a free weekend. Most of those are spend with the  document containing my story open, but rarely do any words get added until tea time (3 o’clock for me at home.)  I feel off write without this pot of tea. Yet once the pot is emptied I can continue into the hours of the night.

Perhaps I should do a test and the next day I’m free make a pot in the morning and see if it carries me away to the world of words. Until this very scientific study can be conducted I’ll simply tell everyone that I write when there is tea.