Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Old in Out

A new dress arrived in my mail box today. I do try to keep a rule of any new clothing items I buy something must go.

Wondering what I got or what I decided to take out? Take a look...

I bought this three tier stripped jumper skirt made by Innocent World. It's chiffon with black and grey stripes. Though I admit when I look at it I see a bit more green than grey, so it reminds me of mint cookies! It has rose lace around the seams along the top and down the straps. The straps are held on by a buttons, which is hand for placing them at various lengths. 

So what's heading out of my closet....


A butterfly qipao from the brand Ichigo 15. I bought this back in 2012 and have worn it regularly since. The color, which was once black, has faded into brown. The tassel along one side unraveled, and though I was able to tie it back together it doesn't look as nice.