Monday, January 6, 2014

What to post about tea

I’ve been trying to come up with a way to put more tea related post up. At first I thought I would review teas.

For example…Rose Congue tea (my favorite tea) is a black tea infused with rose. It has a floral note but not enough to make you think of Bath and Bodyworks soaps.

I would add a picture of the leaves, shivered black things with pink, artfully displayed inside a teacup. Yet an element is missing.  Mostly you wishing you could drink the tea or at least get a good sniff! This goes deeper when I say the teashop I bought it from has since returned to the quant Victorian house it once was.

So tea reviewing was out. I thought I could review the local tea houses, but then I remembered I don’t like them and would rather make my own scones than have any of theirs (that is the few ones that actually had scones) So reviewing the horrid tea places around town was out.

The only thing that remains is the tea, and how I came to enjoy it. I like tea. I make a pot every day. So occasionally I will post tea habit of mine.