Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Make Everything you Touch Something you Love

Make everything you touch something you love is a motto that I’ve been practicing for about four years now.  It’s influenced by the books of  Alexandra Stoddard and more specifically Living a Beautiful Life. There she goes about tips to make your everyday life something special. Some of things are minor things like buying a real sponge to take a bath with or putting all your fruit you usually leave in plastic containers in your fridge into bowls. Some of the ideas in her book are a bit more extravagant like sending flowers to yourself when you are sick. Other’s I simply don’t think would bring my pleasure like putting a mini-fridge in the bedroom with the things you have for breakfast to get some extra lazy bed days. (I think the humming of the machine would keep me up at night!)

The reason to take this to heart is simply that why surround yourself in things you don’t like or don’t make in smile? Your life is much too special to only be filed with things that leave zero impact on you.
I started off with simple things like my dinner plates, before I had white ones with a circle of blue around the rim. I didn’t think much about them expect that they needed to be cleaned. So I bought just one new plate a black one handmade with a lace pattern pressed into it.  Even though the plate didn't stack well with the others each time I had my meal on it I would take just a few seconds to notice the pattern as it became exposed as I ate, or I would take an extra moment to admire the wobbly height.

I continued this slowly adding new items that I loved into my life a swan mail holder, a makeup box, a painting or a new desk. I look at these things sometimes with just a glance others when the time comes at a close examine of some feature, but they all make me smile and brighten my day.