Friday, February 14, 2014

Revision update

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope that you are spending it with friend and loved ones. I think often people think Valentine’s Day is just for lovers, which is rather silly. Today is for celebrating the people that are important in your life and if they were not there you would miss. So tell your friends, parents, lovers, hell even your pet that you care about them!

With that note out of the way I promised an update to my revision progress.  I scratched off a few things off my check list. I read the novel without making a mark and then again with editing marks that took about a week. I ranked my worse scenes and started to check those off. I also printed off the calendar and started to digraph most dialogue.

The most important part of the process was reading it without a mark. When shifting gears from writer to reader suddenly the story is no longer in chapters or scenes, but is a story. Suddenly all the plot holes stick out like a sore thumb and things you thought were dramatic seem to be too easy for you character to  navigate. This made marking things up and changing plots easier since the whole story is still fresh in mind.  

So for the rest of the month I’m marking off my list of scenes starting with the worst and making my way down. At the same time, I’m going through the edits page by page marking each finished with a brown heart.