Monday, March 31, 2014

The Shifting of the Closet

The seasons have turned from winter to spring, and I’m a huge fan of winter. So exchanging my beloved winter coats and cloaks to boleros and short-sleeved shirts leaves me wishing for another cold spell! The top two winter items I’m going to miss are my Juliette et Justine  coat, Couronne et de la cretemanteau. I bought it last summer and had to wait six months before I could wear it out, and since then wore it at every opportunity.

 The other item I’ll miss the most will be my Innocent World, Ribbon Hooded cloak. I just love cloaks; they add such mystery to any outfit.

There is one item I’m excited to wear again this spring, my Excentrique bolero.  It’s a lovely knit and floats on top rather around my arms like a typical bolero. It’s perfect when I want to be lazy and throw on a jumperskirt without a blouse under but still want to be covered. 

With the changing of the seasons what are some of your clothing items you’re going to miss most? What are some you’re excited to wear again?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Favorite food with Tea

There are many foods to have with tea, but my favorite would have to be mochi.

Mochi is a Japanese dessert made from rice usually with jam or sweet  red bean paste inside, kind of like a chewy marshmallow.  What things do you like to eat with your tea?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Three useful youtube links for writing and revising your novel.

Three useful youtube links for writing and revising your novel.

Write About Dragons -  Mostly follows Brandon Sanderson class as they work on fantasy books, but a lot of the items talked about can translate well to every genre. Also contains some about general publishing questions.

Revising Your Masterpiece – Two part talk by Bryan Davis about, you guessed it, revising your novel. The video contains lots of wonderful advice from examples of disembodied character parts that writers often describe as emotion. (His face fell to the floor. OUCH!)

Writer’s Digest James Scott Bell – I love his Revision and Self-Editing for Publication book. In this recorded webinar he talks general revision to make your story better.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Japan Haul.

My order three months worth of auctions/ online stores from Japan came in today. In total I got 23 items and want to show them off!

So here's everything on the bed. There's a lot of black I admit.

The first thing I ordered was from this dress made from Black Peace Now. It came out in Japan some time ago and when I saw it on the main site I told myself once it came to the US store I would buy it...Sadly a month or two later they went bankrupted and there would no coming to the US shop. I tired bidding on it twice already and finally this time I won!

Next came the Excentrique skirt and corset, as well as a Innocent World blouse. 

Innocent world JSk and socks. I think Innocent World has the best over-the-knee lace top socks. They're very comfortable and stay up well. 

A chiffon Victorian Maiden Skirt, a Black Peace Now shirt and a Putumayo scarf.

A few random  items here. I have a thing for outerwear. The bolero and umbrella are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, the cape is Lapin Agill. The grey scarf is Putumayo and the black scarf is off brad.

A lot of smaller jewelry items.  Mostly Putumayo and Black Peace Now.

Finally just a last minute add of some band merchandise featuring Engrish, or perhaps they knew exactly how funny it sounded. The band is called Angelo and all their tours have random religious-like says. 'The faith to follow' really cracked me though so I had to grab the towel and cell phone charm when I could.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Writing Update

I got my business cards in the mail!  There’s a rather large number of them, so I’ll have a lot to pass out during the DFW Writer’s Conference in May.

I also went a local writer’s guild meeting. It was the first time I went to one, and they talked about how to market yourself as a writer. They shared a lot of interesting tips like making everything similar. So I updated my Facebook and Twitter page to reflect this.

As for my book, I’m working through the scenes. I worked on three scenes today and am happy with my progress. It’s lots of work but with each minute spent it gets that much better!  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

When to Tea?

I have several habits when it comes to tea from bringing my tea cup and sugar jar into my study while the pot warms to using the same spoon to measure out the tea. Though perhaps, my most flexible of these tea traditions is when it comes time to have the tea.  

If I’m to stay at home and not go out for any reason than the time to have tea is at 3. I usually end up spending the rest of the evening writing with the pot close at hand.

 When I go out to have tea at a teahouse than the perfect time is, for me, at lunch time that way I can enjoy a meal with my tea.

 When it comes to working days then tea is when I get home at about 5. With pot close by I also try to spend the hours before bed writing…sometimes that doesn't happen and I just spend hours watching reviews on sites like That Guy with the Glasses.

So when do you have tea? Do you spread it throughout the day or have a single pot? What do you usually do when you have your tea? 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Local Botanical Garden

A few days ago I went to the local botanical gardens for their tea service

This was what I wrote. The dress is from Innocent World and the socks are Moitie. It was really windy that day so I went without a hat. 

One of the first things I noticed while heading to tea was this peacock! The tail was made out of pansies. 

The food itself was really good. Sadly, the tea was mostly herbal and over steeped.

After tea I went back to the gardens to look around.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Outfit of the Day: two takes

It was chilly here today so  two outfits one to show the clack and the dress underneath.

The cloak and socks are from Innocent World and the dress is Alelier Pierrot. I'm getting an underskirt in the mail soon especially for the dress. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Query Letter Writing Links

For the past week I’ve been working my query letter. Sometimes it seem like the book was a bit easier to write or at least a bit more fun.  Anyway, I found some links that were really helpful and figured I’d share.

Writer’s Digest  Successful Queries – So far there’s over 65  queries that were accepted by agents with commentary from the agent about what he/she liked. The thing I noticed most reading through these (yes I read all of them) is that even if it was a genera that would never be read they made them sound interesting! You see a lot of examples of bad queries online, but reading good ones not only helpful but refreshing.

Query Shark – Agent, well, takes a bite out of queries and critiques them.

Slush Pile Hell – Random post sections of queries that just make agent go What the hell? Very funny. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Dress Me Up! February EGL theme

At the start of the month the live journal EGL community took the wardrobe theme of the previous month and made the next month a dress each other up theme! It sounded like such a fun idea I wanted to join in...

Here was my wardrobe post for the January theme and this is what the LJ user Kayleighcupcake put together for me.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tea Storage

I’m currently waiting on some new tea tins, but until they arrive I’ll share how I store my tea.

Usually tea gets shipped in resealed bags, which is fine and all, but you don’t get the same excitement staring at a plastic bag as you would a decorative tea tin. I started  buying simple square containers, usually one or two at a time as I reordered my tea. (The teas containers shoved in the background belong to my husband. So just ignore those garish purple and orange containers.)

 Later I ran across more stylized tea tins. These rounded ones also have an extra stopper, which helps keep air out. This also made it easier to find tea that seems to ‘go’ with the tea tin. The super flowery St. Valentine tea goes in the flowered tin. (Though they all have flowers don’t they?) I cut out the name of the tea along with any special steeping instructions and tape it to the top of each container.  

I’ll be sure to show off the new ones when I get them. Then I can finally do away with those bags!