Monday, March 3, 2014

Dress Me Up! February EGL theme

At the start of the month the live journal EGL community took the wardrobe theme of the previous month and made the next month a dress each other up theme! It sounded like such a fun idea I wanted to join in...

Here was my wardrobe post for the January theme and this is what the LJ user Kayleighcupcake put together for me.

The first one she chose...
"Ivory/cream Ichigo 15 blouse
Atelier Pierrot - back bustle corset jsk (this dress is gorgeous ) 
Socks are depending on what you have for shoes . . . either the deep red Btssb ones or a cream color lace topped
JetJ Bunny purse 
If you have any red color flowers that don't have black in them then those, or the red hat if it is the right red"

These shoes from a brand called modes ta
The flower bracelet and larger ring are actually handmade out of leather. They feel incredibly soft and are very stunning! I got them from here...

The hat is also handmade by Kim Brown of Topsy Turvy Designs. Sadly she's closed up shop, but it should be open sometime in 2014! Her hats are stunning. The red flower is a clip on by Victorian Maiden.

I really liked this look! I probably would put it together myself.
The next one she picked was....

"Atelier Pierrot Cape
Surface Spell long sleeve red blouse
The Snow Field Library skirt 
BPN purse
Btssb red socks
And again shoes and accessories up to you."

The hat is from Antique Beast. I love how floppy it is. The red flower and feathers are a clip on as well. The book necklace is a handmade/painted item created by Karoline Felix.

I don't think I would normally pick this one out. There a few too many colors for me..
If I wore it again I would modify it by wearing black socks, a cape with a solid color background, and probably a black vest.