Friday, March 21, 2014

Japan Haul.

My order three months worth of auctions/ online stores from Japan came in today. In total I got 23 items and want to show them off!

So here's everything on the bed. There's a lot of black I admit.

The first thing I ordered was from this dress made from Black Peace Now. It came out in Japan some time ago and when I saw it on the main site I told myself once it came to the US store I would buy it...Sadly a month or two later they went bankrupted and there would no coming to the US shop. I tired bidding on it twice already and finally this time I won!

Next came the Excentrique skirt and corset, as well as a Innocent World blouse. 

Innocent world JSk and socks. I think Innocent World has the best over-the-knee lace top socks. They're very comfortable and stay up well. 

A chiffon Victorian Maiden Skirt, a Black Peace Now shirt and a Putumayo scarf.

A few random  items here. I have a thing for outerwear. The bolero and umbrella are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, the cape is Lapin Agill. The grey scarf is Putumayo and the black scarf is off brad.

A lot of smaller jewelry items.  Mostly Putumayo and Black Peace Now.

Finally just a last minute add of some band merchandise featuring Engrish, or perhaps they knew exactly how funny it sounded. The band is called Angelo and all their tours have random religious-like says. 'The faith to follow' really cracked me though so I had to grab the towel and cell phone charm when I could.