Saturday, March 1, 2014

Tea Storage

I’m currently waiting on some new tea tins, but until they arrive I’ll share how I store my tea.

Usually tea gets shipped in resealed bags, which is fine and all, but you don’t get the same excitement staring at a plastic bag as you would a decorative tea tin. I started  buying simple square containers, usually one or two at a time as I reordered my tea. (The teas containers shoved in the background belong to my husband. So just ignore those garish purple and orange containers.)

 Later I ran across more stylized tea tins. These rounded ones also have an extra stopper, which helps keep air out. This also made it easier to find tea that seems to ‘go’ with the tea tin. The super flowery St. Valentine tea goes in the flowered tin. (Though they all have flowers don’t they?) I cut out the name of the tea along with any special steeping instructions and tape it to the top of each container.  

I’ll be sure to show off the new ones when I get them. Then I can finally do away with those bags!