Monday, March 31, 2014

The Shifting of the Closet

The seasons have turned from winter to spring, and I’m a huge fan of winter. So exchanging my beloved winter coats and cloaks to boleros and short-sleeved shirts leaves me wishing for another cold spell! The top two winter items I’m going to miss are my Juliette et Justine  coat, Couronne et de la cretemanteau. I bought it last summer and had to wait six months before I could wear it out, and since then wore it at every opportunity.

 The other item I’ll miss the most will be my Innocent World, Ribbon Hooded cloak. I just love cloaks; they add such mystery to any outfit.

There is one item I’m excited to wear again this spring, my Excentrique bolero.  It’s a lovely knit and floats on top rather around my arms like a typical bolero. It’s perfect when I want to be lazy and throw on a jumperskirt without a blouse under but still want to be covered. 

With the changing of the seasons what are some of your clothing items you’re going to miss most? What are some you’re excited to wear again?