Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Query Letter Writing Links

For the past week I’ve been working my query letter. Sometimes it seem like the book was a bit easier to write or at least a bit more fun.  Anyway, I found some links that were really helpful and figured I’d share.

Writer’s Digest  Successful Queries – So far there’s over 65  queries that were accepted by agents with commentary from the agent about what he/she liked. The thing I noticed most reading through these (yes I read all of them) is that even if it was a genera that would never be read they made them sound interesting! You see a lot of examples of bad queries online, but reading good ones not only helpful but refreshing.

Query Shark – Agent, well, takes a bite out of queries and critiques them.

Slush Pile Hell – Random post sections of queries that just make agent go What the hell? Very funny.