Sunday, March 16, 2014

When to Tea?

I have several habits when it comes to tea from bringing my tea cup and sugar jar into my study while the pot warms to using the same spoon to measure out the tea. Though perhaps, my most flexible of these tea traditions is when it comes time to have the tea.  

If I’m to stay at home and not go out for any reason than the time to have tea is at 3. I usually end up spending the rest of the evening writing with the pot close at hand.

 When I go out to have tea at a teahouse than the perfect time is, for me, at lunch time that way I can enjoy a meal with my tea.

 When it comes to working days then tea is when I get home at about 5. With pot close by I also try to spend the hours before bed writing…sometimes that doesn't happen and I just spend hours watching reviews on sites like That Guy with the Glasses.

So when do you have tea? Do you spread it throughout the day or have a single pot? What do you usually do when you have your tea?