Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outfits of the day

Outfits of the day... The first look is more casual while the second is more fanciful.

I wore the outfit above to the store. The skirt is from the indie brand Rabbit Heart. and the vest of from Excentrique. The other look....

Monday, April 28, 2014

Homemade tea blends

Over the past few months I've started to make my own tea blend. The one I go to the most is this one. The first tea I use is Mariage Freres' St. Valentine tea. Its' a black tea infused with bergamot oil, mallow and rose petals.  I love rose in my teas, but the mallow just puts it over the top with sweetness for me. So I mix it the Lapsang Souchong. Lapsang is a strong flavored black tea. The leaves are actually smoked to make the flavor more pronounced. Combined the sweet St. Valentine is dulled by the Lapsang and the Lapsang isn't as astringent.

So do you blend your own tea? What kinds to you combine?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Book Stack

I’ve been feeling a bit lackluster lately. The only thing I want to do is sit down and read seven books and not do anything until they’re all done. That being said, my goal of one chapter a day with editing/revising  probably resulted in this lusterless idea. At first it was going well…then I got into the later chapters that needed more work. I found myself just reading it and saying ‘well, it’s okay’ when it should’ve been worked on more. So I’m switching it to a scene a day…once I start to glistened in mood a bit more. 


So to share my ‘seven books I want to read before doing anything.’ This picture was taken on Saturday, and I have since then read nearly 4 of them. So here they are…

Kokoro by  Natsume Soseki – I had my eye on this book for a while. This copy I bought, however, looks like a workbook. So I returned it and bought one that doesn’t remind me of work. 

The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree – this was a gift and, on my, it looks wonderful inside. Every page looks like artfully illustrated or photographed. It looks like a fun read…I might save it for last. 

The Thing with Feathers… by Noah Strycker. I listened to a radio program where Strycaker was talking about his books. It was an interesting interview, and I’ve always had a fascination with birds. They have such pretty feathers and their unblinking eyes add a creepy half way taxidermy look to them.

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. This is another one that’s been on my list for a while, though probably the one I’m most apprehensive to read. 

Last Watch by Sergei Lukyaneko. I finished this book and it’s a solid 4 out of 5. I suggest anyone reading this read the third book in the series, Twilight Watch, before getting into this one as they really tie in together.

 Secret Throns by Kikuko Kikuya. This Manga really lacked character development. The characters are the start were exactly the same at the end. So it made for a boring read.

Blue Morning vol. 2 by Shouko Hidaka – The second in a series. It did its job by making me want to read more! (I ended up adding vol. 3 when I ordered the new Kokoro)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Outfit of the day

Quick outfit of the day. I'm busy editing, but took a break to go out to eat. The dress is by Moi meme Moitie and the bolero is from Excentrique.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chocolate Tour

I went on a chocolate tour this weekend! This is what I wrote to the stops around town. 

A quick shot of the accessories. I especially bought the Innocent World dress to match this vintage hat.

This is from one of the stops. The store specialized in molded chocolate and had some very aristocratic bunnies for Easter. 

After it was over I was left with these yummy sweets  remember the day. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Old in Out

I've finally been able to wear everything from my hauls. So that means it's time to replace them in my closet. I'm a strong believer in taking something out of your closet when you buy something new. 

The Black Peace Now,  Rabbit and Windowsill Embroidery dress, is something I wanted since seeing it on the BPN website right before they closed down. In real life it doesn't photograph as shinny, which makes for a elegant matte black.

My favorite part about the dress is the embroidery! Each  windowsill had a strawberry to the side and the tall ones even has a bunny!  I'm just so happy to finally have this dress.

What got taken out?....

This dress is  by the Canadian company Gloomth. I bought it back in 2011, but it had this really cheap lace on it. I cut out all that and had a seamstress add the black ruffle along the trim. 

This winter I learned that I love fuzzy scarves. The smaller and the grey scarf I bought from Putumayo. The last black fuzzy scarf I bought it second hand at an auction, but it has now tag. So mysterious design company your fuzzy black scarf is so stylish.  

and these are replacing....

I learned this winter that I  like fuzzy scarves, and that I have a two pink scarves and own no pink. The bottom scarf, which is a pale pink, I bought in Germany, along with 17 others. The middle is a cashmere scarf I bought from Jcpenny ages ago, and the top was a gift from a friend when she went to France.
 (I barely wore the scarf in the 8 years I had it.) I do have many other in & out items, but I'm going to spread the post out a bit.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Writing update

Last week I’ve did a complete rewrite of my outline. I typed up all the major scenes, cut them into segments, and then rearranged them. I ended up cutting a few scenes, adding several, and adjusted a lot of scenes to push the plot.  So the end result looked something like this. 

Sadly, I’ve been suffering from a nose that hates me, and my allegories are acting up.  

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini taobao haul

My taobao order I placed back in February finally came. I bought a little of everything. I really love the coat from the brand Ichigo 15. The blouse, Rose Melody, I'm super disappointing. The lace is bad quality and has these cheap looking ribbon bows on it. I won't be buying from that store again The gloves are from Kursheuel and are divine. I bought a white pair months ago and love them. Since then I wanted a black pair, and I'm so glad to finally get them.

I also got a few tea containers. The flat one is for pu-erh tea cakes. The knifes are also for breaking the cakes.  I really like pu-erh tea, so I'm happy to get these small accessories for to enjoy it.

I also got this journal for the writer's conference I'm heading to in May. I wanted a separate place to write down notes.