Friday, April 4, 2014

Mini taobao haul

My taobao order I placed back in February finally came. I bought a little of everything. I really love the coat from the brand Ichigo 15. The blouse, Rose Melody, I'm super disappointing. The lace is bad quality and has these cheap looking ribbon bows on it. I won't be buying from that store again The gloves are from Kursheuel and are divine. I bought a white pair months ago and love them. Since then I wanted a black pair, and I'm so glad to finally get them.

I also got a few tea containers. The flat one is for pu-erh tea cakes. The knifes are also for breaking the cakes.  I really like pu-erh tea, so I'm happy to get these small accessories for to enjoy it.

I also got this journal for the writer's conference I'm heading to in May. I wanted a separate place to write down notes.