Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Old in Out

I've finally been able to wear everything from my hauls. So that means it's time to replace them in my closet. I'm a strong believer in taking something out of your closet when you buy something new. 

The Black Peace Now,  Rabbit and Windowsill Embroidery dress, is something I wanted since seeing it on the BPN website right before they closed down. In real life it doesn't photograph as shinny, which makes for a elegant matte black.

My favorite part about the dress is the embroidery! Each  windowsill had a strawberry to the side and the tall ones even has a bunny!  I'm just so happy to finally have this dress.

What got taken out?....

This dress is  by the Canadian company Gloomth. I bought it back in 2011, but it had this really cheap lace on it. I cut out all that and had a seamstress add the black ruffle along the trim. 

This winter I learned that I love fuzzy scarves. The smaller and the grey scarf I bought from Putumayo. The last black fuzzy scarf I bought it second hand at an auction, but it has now tag. So mysterious design company your fuzzy black scarf is so stylish.  

and these are replacing....

I learned this winter that I  like fuzzy scarves, and that I have a two pink scarves and own no pink. The bottom scarf, which is a pale pink, I bought in Germany, along with 17 others. The middle is a cashmere scarf I bought from Jcpenny ages ago, and the top was a gift from a friend when she went to France.
 (I barely wore the scarf in the 8 years I had it.) I do have many other in & out items, but I'm going to spread the post out a bit.