Friday, May 30, 2014

Haul Items From Japan

My order from Japan came today. I'm really excited since my shipping service send it out earlier this week. 

The first is a Moi meme Moitie lace bolero. It came out ages ago and when it did I wanted to buy it. The price, however, turned me off of buying it new. Luckily, I found it second hand for half the price. I love the three tired lace sleeves. I think it'll be perfect for the hot summer months.

I also bought some sock from Metamorphose temps de fille. It felt really odd to see this pink bag in the middle of all the rest of my black clothes.  They gave me a sticker and a new print advertising. 

Next I bought a Moi meme Moitie necklace of their candlestick symbol.  Usually necklaces will just have a single hook or a small adjustable chain, but this one can be hooked at any part of the chain. 

Last is Excentrique's Anatomia parka. The fabric is the softest jersey I've ever felt, and I'm just waiting for the season to get cold again to wear it. It just the extra creepy that makes my more morbid side sing with glee. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Creating a Novel: The Idea

I needed an idea…

My last book, Searching for the Queen’s Palace, was resting, it’s to-be-reread date was far into the future. I knew better than to lose the habit of writing everyday and started on my new book. The problem was I knew nothing about this book. No characters sprang to mind, no setting, or no plot. I need to think.

Years ago I used to write each passing idea on an index card and file them away in a folder. As the years passed, the folder thickened, and eventually I tied the cards together with a rubber band so they wouldn’t get lost. I had so many ideas that eventually I realized I probably wouldn’t live long enough to create stores for all of them.  At that moment I stopped writing new ideas down. Why should I when there was a stack that would last me until I’m dead?

While thinking of this new book those index cards flashed in my head. Yes! All I needed to do was look through the stack and find one of my many ideas. The problem was these ideas were five hours away at my parent’s home. At the time of my move I didn’t feel they were important enough o to take with me to my new home.

I could feel an easy victory escape me. I needed to think of a new idea. The trouble was I gotten so used to ignore ideas that I couldn’t use in my current work that I was left with nothing. So I read…

Maiden Roseby  Fusanosuke Inariya allowed my mind to wonder. I liked this idea of someone with all the power completely at the mercy of someone else behind closed doors.  I played around with the idea. They could be college age. One of them could be the leader of a country sent off because there was a war. His father could die-no that had already happened that’s why he was sent away. The mother is not ruling the kingdom at war, and once she dies the son has to go. The opening scene could be the son crying that he has to go and the other main character could find him. Hmmm well that was something.

A day passed, and I played around with that idea, but it never caught me. It never got passed that first mind adrift in the story.  It was really similar to the book I just read, and that was why it didn’t work in my head. It wasn’t me.

I find I’m most creative in the haze between sleep and consciousness. I went to bed the next day thinking about how I needed a story idea and when I woke a faint fragment of something was trapped within me. My thoughts drifted, and I refused to open my eyes. I  allowed the haze of sleep take over until it happened. The idea came. I had it! I had a story! Now onto the research…

Friday, May 23, 2014

Closet Confidential

Found this on EGL , and thought it was interesting. I used items from my whole closet. (Actually I ended up with only one item not from a Japan/China brand, so it ended up no really being as big of a deal as I thought it would...)

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?

This question give my a bit of trouble. The dress is by Moi meme Moitie and was released in 2003, but I didn't add it to my closet until 2013. This blouse I bought when I was 16 back in 2004. So the blouse is the oldest item that can call my closet home. It's a lovely green color that, sadly, doesn't photograph well.   

2. What is the newest item?

(the image is from Excentrique's website linked below)

I manged to snag the last of the black Anatomia jackets by Excentirque!  I was debating about it for a week about buying it and in that time it sold out. Luckily they restocked and the moment I realized it I bought it. The skeleton is so adorably creepy.

3. What is the most expensive item?

The coat is called Couronne et de al Cretemanteau by Juliette et Justine. It replaced a coat I had for over 8 years.  To me a good coat is worth the extra price and this coat is especially exquisite. The buttons are jeweled crowns and the fabric is like woven tapestry.

4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item?

Probably not the most interesting thing in my closet, most defiantly an item that's never really seen. These are my bloomers I bought from Dear Celine. They are worn underneath my dress, adding bit of fluff and protection from a huge gust of wind. As the summer hear intensifies I often will skip a petticoat and just wear these.

5. What was the biggest bargain?

This Black Peace Now dress called Rabbit and windowsills would be my biggest bargain. Black Peace Now was a Japanese clothing store that was rather versatile with items for both men and women. It went out of business and a few months later TONS of items new with tags were being sold second hand for well below half the price on the tag! This was one of the dresses I had my eye on before they closed, so I was more than happy to pick it up for less than half the price. (Though I love of all Black Peace Now bags. So I do wish they were still around for that)

6. What was the biggest waste of money?

This Octavia dress I bought. It didn't fit well and I tired to get it altered but even then it was never meant for someone with a fuller bust. I was able to sell it, but still I never really felt happy about it.

7. What are your three favorite items right now?

These would be my three favorite items. On the left is Victorian Maiden's Lace Ribbon Underdress. I own it in both the pictured red and black. It's so comfortable to wear. The middle is another Victorian Maiden piece. This one is a  simply chiffon underskirt. I love how it gives me that extra inch or two I need for some of my dresses. Last is a dress that when I had to own the moment I saw it. It's Moi meme Moitie's  Rose Print dress.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outfit of the day

A quick post of my outfit of the day. Yes, it's my wedding dress! Today my husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary and, like I have done the past three years, I wore my dress. Today we ate sushi and ice cream. Sadly, the dress it a little big now and seems to have gotten flattened in the back of my closet.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Current book stack

Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert. I read the first Dune two summers ago, and since the weather has turned hot again, I’ve been thinking of the desert planet of Arrakis more and more.

Hooked by LesEdgerton. I went to one of the classes he taught at the DFW Writer’s Conference. It very informative and got me interested in reading the book the class was based on. The thing that pushed me to read it now was fellow writer friend that was raving about it the past week.

Blue Morning vol 4by Shoko Hidaka. I’m really intrigued by this series. It has lovely artwork and a complex plot. After I post this blog I’m cracking this one open!

Hard-Boild Wonderlandand the end of the World by Haruki Murakami. I know this was on my list last time. I did read the first few pages, and it seems intriguing, but there’s always other books I want to read more…

Yukaza: JapaneseCriminal Underworld by Davide E. Kaplan. I picked this up to do some research about my next book. I’ll give you a hint it say it has something to do with organized crime.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Outfits for the past few days days...

I LOVE this look. The Atelier Pierrot dress compliments so well with the Victorian Maiden underskirt making it those few extra inches longer.

Wore this one to see Sherlock Holmes the play. The skirt is Enchantlly and the corset is Atelier Pierrot. Sadly, it was laundry day so the blouse could be better.

Wore this to go to the local Korean market. I bought some yummy squid! The dress is The Phantom of the Opera dress by Krad Lanrete.

A non-frilly outfit. I wear those everyone so often. The skirt is actually from the Korean brand Isleen. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The trouble with ball infusers

(Original picture from

I love tea. I get my best writing done after large pot, and I can barely go two days without that cast-iron teapot of mine being used. Logically my tea fanatic ways lead me to look at tea online, and the only thing that makes me cringe more than low-quality bagged tea is ball infusers.  Let me explain why…

So I use about two spoonfuls per pot of tea. Notice that the tea barely covers the bottom of my infuser basket.

After steeped for about three minutes the tea looks like this. The leaves are no longer withered but have unfolded, nearly fill my basket. 

Remember that tiny ball infuser? With them the leaves are not able to expand fully and release their full flavor.  So tea severed with a ball infuser will have a stifled flavor, and will never be as good if the leaves were allowed to fully expand. 

I know that ball infusers come in many different shapes. Some of them are super cute, robots and manatees, but you’ll never see them in my tea cabinet.  If you want a single cup of tea try use tea filters. Any tea store that sells loose leaf tea should have them and countless places online.  

If you’re already buying high-quality loose leaf tea do yourself a favor and ditch the ball infuser. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DFW convention outfits

With a few days aside to recover from the DFW writer’s conversation I’m now ready to post. I met a lot of wonderful people and added many people to my twitter!   I was able to pitch my novel to Katie Shea Boutillier, and she requested to see a pages!

I went to eight classes over the weekend with topics ranging from book covers to how to approach major novel revisions.

 Of course, I took photos of my outfits over the two days and here they are…

This is my Little Prince skirt by the Korean brand Haenuli. The corset is Excentrique and the hat is from Antique Beast. 

I usually style this Moi meme Moitie dress with black, but I decided to throw in some white since I wanted to use my Juliette et Justine bunny bag! (It's so cute!) The hat is from American brand (I know, it's a shock) Lip Service. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

What's in my convention bag?

I'm heading off to DFW writer's convention this weekend. Today, I put together the bag I'm going to going to take with my this weekend.

So here's my check list.

____ pens/highlighters in different colors

____ schedule with highlighted workshops

____ first few page of my current work in progress

____ snacks

____ water bottle

____ fan, in case it's hot

____ cardigan, in case it's cold

____ business cards

____ journals to take notes and such