Friday, May 23, 2014

Closet Confidential

Found this on EGL , and thought it was interesting. I used items from my whole closet. (Actually I ended up with only one item not from a Japan/China brand, so it ended up no really being as big of a deal as I thought it would...)

1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?

This question give my a bit of trouble. The dress is by Moi meme Moitie and was released in 2003, but I didn't add it to my closet until 2013. This blouse I bought when I was 16 back in 2004. So the blouse is the oldest item that can call my closet home. It's a lovely green color that, sadly, doesn't photograph well.   

2. What is the newest item?

(the image is from Excentrique's website linked below)

I manged to snag the last of the black Anatomia jackets by Excentirque!  I was debating about it for a week about buying it and in that time it sold out. Luckily they restocked and the moment I realized it I bought it. The skeleton is so adorably creepy.

3. What is the most expensive item?

The coat is called Couronne et de al Cretemanteau by Juliette et Justine. It replaced a coat I had for over 8 years.  To me a good coat is worth the extra price and this coat is especially exquisite. The buttons are jeweled crowns and the fabric is like woven tapestry.

4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item?

Probably not the most interesting thing in my closet, most defiantly an item that's never really seen. These are my bloomers I bought from Dear Celine. They are worn underneath my dress, adding bit of fluff and protection from a huge gust of wind. As the summer hear intensifies I often will skip a petticoat and just wear these.

5. What was the biggest bargain?

This Black Peace Now dress called Rabbit and windowsills would be my biggest bargain. Black Peace Now was a Japanese clothing store that was rather versatile with items for both men and women. It went out of business and a few months later TONS of items new with tags were being sold second hand for well below half the price on the tag! This was one of the dresses I had my eye on before they closed, so I was more than happy to pick it up for less than half the price. (Though I love of all Black Peace Now bags. So I do wish they were still around for that)

6. What was the biggest waste of money?

This Octavia dress I bought. It didn't fit well and I tired to get it altered but even then it was never meant for someone with a fuller bust. I was able to sell it, but still I never really felt happy about it.

7. What are your three favorite items right now?

These would be my three favorite items. On the left is Victorian Maiden's Lace Ribbon Underdress. I own it in both the pictured red and black. It's so comfortable to wear. The middle is another Victorian Maiden piece. This one is a  simply chiffon underskirt. I love how it gives me that extra inch or two I need for some of my dresses. Last is a dress that when I had to own the moment I saw it. It's Moi meme Moitie's  Rose Print dress.