Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Current book stack

Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert. I read the first Dune two summers ago, and since the weather has turned hot again, I’ve been thinking of the desert planet of Arrakis more and more.

Hooked by LesEdgerton. I went to one of the classes he taught at the DFW Writer’s Conference. It very informative and got me interested in reading the book the class was based on. The thing that pushed me to read it now was fellow writer friend that was raving about it the past week.

Blue Morning vol 4by Shoko Hidaka. I’m really intrigued by this series. It has lovely artwork and a complex plot. After I post this blog I’m cracking this one open!

Hard-Boild Wonderlandand the end of the World by Haruki Murakami. I know this was on my list last time. I did read the first few pages, and it seems intriguing, but there’s always other books I want to read more…

Yukaza: JapaneseCriminal Underworld by Davide E. Kaplan. I picked this up to do some research about my next book. I’ll give you a hint it say it has something to do with organized crime.