Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DFW convention outfits

With a few days aside to recover from the DFW writer’s conversation I’m now ready to post. I met a lot of wonderful people and added many people to my twitter!   I was able to pitch my novel to Katie Shea Boutillier, and she requested to see a pages!

I went to eight classes over the weekend with topics ranging from book covers to how to approach major novel revisions.

 Of course, I took photos of my outfits over the two days and here they are…

This is my Little Prince skirt by the Korean brand Haenuli. The corset is Excentrique and the hat is from Antique Beast. 

I usually style this Moi meme Moitie dress with black, but I decided to throw in some white since I wanted to use my Juliette et Justine bunny bag! (It's so cute!) The hat is from American brand (I know, it's a shock) Lip Service.