Friday, May 30, 2014

Haul Items From Japan

My order from Japan came today. I'm really excited since my shipping service send it out earlier this week. 

The first is a Moi meme Moitie lace bolero. It came out ages ago and when it did I wanted to buy it. The price, however, turned me off of buying it new. Luckily, I found it second hand for half the price. I love the three tired lace sleeves. I think it'll be perfect for the hot summer months.

I also bought some sock from Metamorphose temps de fille. It felt really odd to see this pink bag in the middle of all the rest of my black clothes.  They gave me a sticker and a new print advertising. 

Next I bought a Moi meme Moitie necklace of their candlestick symbol.  Usually necklaces will just have a single hook or a small adjustable chain, but this one can be hooked at any part of the chain. 

Last is Excentrique's Anatomia parka. The fabric is the softest jersey I've ever felt, and I'm just waiting for the season to get cold again to wear it. It just the extra creepy that makes my more morbid side sing with glee.