Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Creating a Novel: The Idea

I needed an idea…

My last book, Searching for the Queen’s Palace, was resting, it’s to-be-reread date was far into the future. I knew better than to lose the habit of writing everyday and started on my new book. The problem was I knew nothing about this book. No characters sprang to mind, no setting, or no plot. I need to think.

Years ago I used to write each passing idea on an index card and file them away in a folder. As the years passed, the folder thickened, and eventually I tied the cards together with a rubber band so they wouldn’t get lost. I had so many ideas that eventually I realized I probably wouldn’t live long enough to create stores for all of them.  At that moment I stopped writing new ideas down. Why should I when there was a stack that would last me until I’m dead?

While thinking of this new book those index cards flashed in my head. Yes! All I needed to do was look through the stack and find one of my many ideas. The problem was these ideas were five hours away at my parent’s home. At the time of my move I didn’t feel they were important enough o to take with me to my new home.

I could feel an easy victory escape me. I needed to think of a new idea. The trouble was I gotten so used to ignore ideas that I couldn’t use in my current work that I was left with nothing. So I read…

Maiden Roseby  Fusanosuke Inariya allowed my mind to wonder. I liked this idea of someone with all the power completely at the mercy of someone else behind closed doors.  I played around with the idea. They could be college age. One of them could be the leader of a country sent off because there was a war. His father could die-no that had already happened that’s why he was sent away. The mother is not ruling the kingdom at war, and once she dies the son has to go. The opening scene could be the son crying that he has to go and the other main character could find him. Hmmm well that was something.

A day passed, and I played around with that idea, but it never caught me. It never got passed that first mind adrift in the story.  It was really similar to the book I just read, and that was why it didn’t work in my head. It wasn’t me.

I find I’m most creative in the haze between sleep and consciousness. I went to bed the next day thinking about how I needed a story idea and when I woke a faint fragment of something was trapped within me. My thoughts drifted, and I refused to open my eyes. I  allowed the haze of sleep take over until it happened. The idea came. I had it! I had a story! Now onto the research…