Saturday, May 10, 2014

The trouble with ball infusers

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I love tea. I get my best writing done after large pot, and I can barely go two days without that cast-iron teapot of mine being used. Logically my tea fanatic ways lead me to look at tea online, and the only thing that makes me cringe more than low-quality bagged tea is ball infusers.  Let me explain why…

So I use about two spoonfuls per pot of tea. Notice that the tea barely covers the bottom of my infuser basket.

After steeped for about three minutes the tea looks like this. The leaves are no longer withered but have unfolded, nearly fill my basket. 

Remember that tiny ball infuser? With them the leaves are not able to expand fully and release their full flavor.  So tea severed with a ball infuser will have a stifled flavor, and will never be as good if the leaves were allowed to fully expand. 

I know that ball infusers come in many different shapes. Some of them are super cute, robots and manatees, but you’ll never see them in my tea cabinet.  If you want a single cup of tea try use tea filters. Any tea store that sells loose leaf tea should have them and countless places online.  

If you’re already buying high-quality loose leaf tea do yourself a favor and ditch the ball infuser.