Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miho Matsuda Review

I recently place an order with Miho Matsuda international website. Before  ordering I tried to find a few reviews, but couldn't so figured I'd make one.  I noticed that a lot of the smaller accessories along with the sale items aren't on the international site, which is a bit upsetting since they had a cute cat charm bracelet I wanted.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Outfits of the Week

It's been awhile since I did an out fit of the day post...

This one is The Snow Field Library Skirt with an Excentrique corset and blouse by Narcissique

A sunny day. The dress is by Atelier Pierrot and the blouse is form 69th dept. 

A lovely dress by Moi meme Moitie. It's actually over 10 years old. The underskirt is by The Snow Field again though it slipped down for this photo. The Bolero is Excentrique and the hat Antique Best

I'm not 100% sold on this look. The dress is by the Korean brand Baroque. I think it just needs to be tailored to fit better.

This dress is by Victorian Maiden with the same Excentrique bolero and Antique best hat. I love this dress. It's so easy just to throw on go. 

My newest dress by Atelier Pierrot it's the Berceuse  Chiffon style choice. They have it out now in cotton and it just looks like a pain to iron. It's very light and easy to wear for summer.  

Look a different pose. The dress is Innocent World, along with the purse in the background. The bolero is Akane and Alois.  The green color is very refreshing from the usual black and white I usually wear.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Current Book Stack

So this is my current book stack. Most of the things here I bought on my trip to Denton.  As you can see it's a rather large stack. So I'll be busy this summer...

X 1999 vol 3 & 4 by  CLAMP.  - These two are the final ones I needed to have all of the X 1999 that CLAMP made. I plan on reading one of these a day to finish all the issues together.

Crimson Spell vol 1  by Ayano Yamane - I already read this one and it's rather nice. Art work is nice and a good plot.

Sleeping Moon vol 1 by Kano Miyamoto - Another one I already read. This had an interesting and unique plot. I highly recommend it! 

Kafka by Richie Robertson - I've been wanting to learn more about Kafka so this smaller volume seems like a good idea.

City at the End of Time by Greg Bear - I thought this book sounded really interesting. I don't read as much sci-fi as I used to so hopefully this is good.

Memories of a Victorian Cabinet Maker by James Hopkinson - The super fancy font caught my attention of this one. I do know a lot about the more upper society during the Victorian era so I should learn something new by reading this one.

...A quick note the many Proust books to follow. I read In Search of Lost Time during two summers, in college. When I finished the novel I actually wanted to reread the story, but at the same time I knew it would take awhile. So I bought a book about Proust, and now it's a tradition.

Proust the Later Years by  George D. Painter - A book about the later year of Proust. I'm lining my bedroom with cork now!

Marcel Proust by Georges Cattaui - Proust need friends, I guess...that's what it sounds like. (I can't find a link to this one)

The Oak in the Acron: On Remembrance of Things Past and on Teaching Proust, Who Will Never Learn by Howard Nemerov - I thought this one was interesting. It's twelve lectures about Marcel Proust and his life and books.

Proust and the Art of Love: The Aesthetics of sexuality in the Life, Times & Art of Marcel Proust by J.E. Rivers - This seems to deal with sex and sexuality in the times of Proust. 

The Proustian Community by Seth L. Wolitz - Proust and the people around him. (This one has that awesome old book smell!)

Proust and his World by William Sansom - This one seems to be about Proust and the world around him, the opera and such. It has many photos so should be a fund read. 

I am the Cat by Soseki Natsume - A near 500 page volume of a story told by the view point of a cat. I liked Natsume's other work so this, hopefully, is just as good. I admit this was much large than I thought it would be. 

The Sound of the Mountain by Yasunari Kawabata - Kawabata is my favorite Japanese's writers. So I'm excited to read this one among the Proust ones. 

Second Sight... by Cheryl B. Klein - At the DFW Writer's Conference in May one of the panels referenced this book. 

Empire of the Sun by J.G. Ballard - I watched the movie several times, so I figured the book must be better. 


Ah so there's my large stack of books for the summer...I'm still not sure where I'm going to start, but it'll probably be about Proust

Friday, June 20, 2014

Cultured Cup Tea Shop

I recently went to a tea tasting at  The Cultured Cup. It's a small tea shop that sells various teas, including Mariage Freres, teaware and even some caramels by a local producer. Kyle Stewart, one of the owners, is a certified tea specialist and has an amazing wealth of tea knowledge that's he's happy to share.

These were the first batch of teas I ended up buying.

Keemun Hao ya - is a black tea that is rather dark and hits some of those Ooling notes that I love.

Yellow Rose of Texas - is a tea they blend black and infused with yellow roses from German. It has some dark notes with the lightness that rose brings.

Kukicha - One of my favorite Japanese green teas. It's a wonderful clean and crisp taste.

I had to wait a few days to get them since they were being shipped in.

Bohea - A smoked black tea, which is actually similar to the kind of tea George Washington drunk. It has a deep taste.

Russian Caravan - This is my second favorite tea and is actually the first real tea I ever drunk.  It's a blend of oolong, keemun and lapsang souchong. So it has a mild smokiness and is easy to drink. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Old in Out

  I have a rule of having for every new item in my wardrobe something old has to go. This keeps my closet form getting to large. Also, sometimes you get a sense of nostalgia with clothes. You remember what events you went to with it and taking a photo does kind of help keep that memory without having to keep the item.

The first 'in' item is an Excentrique skirt in their Checkmate collection. It's a wonderful skirt and the elastic waist wakes it easy to wear. The stripe patter on the op is textured and the fabric used for the bottom trim is so soft and light. I really like the ribbon detail, because it's checkered keeping with the chess board theme.

The 'out' is this skirt by Lip Service. It's an pencil skirt with an eye-hook closure and bow back. There's a fond memory with this skirt. When I started my self-employment this was the first item I bought with the money. Sadly, the eye-hooks come undone with longer strides, and it's become more awkward to wear with my current job. So it's gone.

The next item coming into my closet is a coat from Ichigo 15. I LOVE this brand. They custom make everything to fit, and their items are very practical. I don't like the heat buttons on this jacket though. So I'm going to replace those. 

Leaving my closet is this jacket by Outer Edge. I bought it when I first started college, but there's really no fond memories associated with it. It's rather ordinary and no longer fits it my more frill clothes. 

The last 'in' item is from a I bought from one of the stores in my local Korean town. It doesn't have a brand tag inside so I can't say who mate it. It has a chiffon kind of feel, and I really like the pleating. There's actually a  faint circle pattern on the fabric with a glimmer of silver thread. 

The white skirt is replacing this strawberry print from Atelier Pierrot. This was a total impulse buy, because it was such a cheap price second hand. The problem is that it's short on me and when I stick my underskirt on it just become massive. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Denton Day Out: Part Two, Random Interesting Things to Get Lost in Thought

I walked to a Recycled Books, but came upon a really interesting antique mall. Their whole store front was covered in medieval weaponry. I took a snap shot of these sword canes, because these were the most aristocratic of the bunch. (Also Zelda Shields anyone?)

I also ran into a solar powered trash compactor. It's a wonderful idea to help clean up an area that can easily have trash flying everywhere.  

So I made it to Recycled Books. It looks rather nondescript, but inside was huge!

They even had a sizable...I say had, because this shelf looked a lot emptier after  I was done. I'll post a photo of my haul soon.

The last place I went to was Amitea. I heard about this place at another tea shop when I told them I was heading to Denton. This place is more of a drink shop. They sell tea drinks both hot and cold. I was tea-ed out by the time I got here, but I did buy to golden tea containers to hold some tea I bought. 

So that was my adventure in Denton. I would probably go back to Recycled Books and clear out more of their Proust section. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Denton Day Out: Part One, Outfit of the Day & Chestnut Tree Teahouse

I went to out today to Denton. It  was my first time exploring their downtown.  This was my outfit for the day. It could use a dark red purse to go with the socks and hat a bit more. The dress if from a brand called White Moon. It has red stripes with flowers. 

The first place I went to was a tea house called  The Chestnut Tree. They had a very large menu, but in the end I decided on crepes. 

They had a large tea menu tea. I decided on a Plum Blossom Oolong tea. 

The tea came in a small teapot that you can take out the infuser to take into account steeping. The cups were simple and brown, which means you can't actually see the tea color. Overall Plum Blossom was very Plum and not so much that darker hint that usually comes with Oolong tea.

The crepes were given to my in a small dish with fruit on the side. The fruit had a sweet glaze on it, but the crepes themselves were too thick and a bit tasteless. Also I notice that the grill marks were only on one side. Overall, I was not impressed with the crepe and ended up just eating the fruit.

I also ate this apple walnut cobbler with ice cream. It was alright. Nothing special, in fact I can barely remember what it tasted like to describe it. 

Over thoughts on The Chestnut Tree Tea House
Atmosphere: 4/5
Tea: 5/5
Food: 3/5

I would give it one more try in hopes that the other menu options are more appealing.  

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Releases

I usually post these at the EGL site, but I figured why not cross post them here. So here I'll discuss some new releases of the brands I follow.


 Victorian Maiden has a new dress called 'Noble Lady.' It comes in three colors and has a bow on the back.

I really like the green color the others aren't really popping for me. Victorian Maiden always has such elegant and simple pieces. It's super cute, but without shirring I won't be able to fit.

Verdict: Want, but can't fit so a sad pass.


Moi meme Moitie has a new print dress called 'Cross and Rose.' It comes in a JSk and OP.

I really adore the gothic-ness of Moitie. Their prints, however, are completely not my thing! Since I'm not Christian I feel awkward wearing crosses. (If you notice I even took off the cross from their M+Croix lace jsk) I do like the shape of the first piece.

Verdict: Pass



Innocent World has an Interesting music and swan print called 'A Maiden's Prayer on a Starry Night.' It comes in two JSKs here and here and a skirt.

Sometimes I want to yell at Innocent World and remind them that they are a classic brand and don't do prints. (at least I don't think they should) This looks really garish for me, especially those huge yellow music notes. The swan bodice reminds me of the brand icon of Metamorphose, which is two swans facing each other with crowns on their heads.

Verdict: Pass (and adds to my head shaking for Innocent World)


Atelier Pierrot has a new collection called 'Carnival' that comes with their usual bustle corset dress and a skirt.

I do love Atelier Pierrot. I think they might even be nearly half my closet, but they often repeat their corset dresses in style. This is another repeat with different fabric.  It reminds me of the circus too much, which with a name like Carnival it was meant to.

Verdict: Pass


Baby the Stars Shine Bright has a super lacy OP and JSK called 'Rosa Mistica ~Mysterious Window of the Rose~'

I do look at the Baby... site, but rarely find things I like other than socks. This is another example of something I don't like. I'm sure the lace is gorgeous in person but in these stock photos it doesn't shine.

Verdict: Pass

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Outfit of the Day

 Toady I'm going to go to the movies and meet up with family for dinner.

     I also took my Excentrique Parka with me to the movies since it always get cold. I didn't wear it out like this. (It's 100 F outside no way I'm wearing long sleeves.) The dress and bolero are from Moi meme Moitie.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quick Outfit of the Day

A quick outfit of the day post. I often post weekend outfits were I'm all decked out. So I figured why not post another 'to work'  get up. So here's a casual, for me, look. The dress is made from chiffon and by Innocent World while the bolero is from Excentrique

Monday, June 2, 2014

Items in the Mail

I got some new items in the mail today. Here they are!

The first thing is Atelier Pierrot's Berceuse dress. It's a lovely white chiffon and makes a wonderful woosh sound when I walk.  I plan on wearing it when I play Mahjong later this week.

 The last items are CDs. The first, that came with the poster, is 'This is My Wing' by Damijaw. Damijaw is the solo work Ka-yu the bassist of Janne da Arc. It has a nice hard rock sound. The poster is interesting. The wings are made up of individual photos.

The next is 'Double Moon' by Liv Moon. The sound is a metal with a female vocalist. I started watching her two PVs from this album 'Escape' and 'Getsuka' nearly every day. So I ordered the album when I pre-ordered Damijaw.