Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Denton Day Out: Part One, Outfit of the Day & Chestnut Tree Teahouse

I went to out today to Denton. It  was my first time exploring their downtown.  This was my outfit for the day. It could use a dark red purse to go with the socks and hat a bit more. The dress if from a brand called White Moon. It has red stripes with flowers. 

The first place I went to was a tea house called  The Chestnut Tree. They had a very large menu, but in the end I decided on crepes. 

They had a large tea menu tea. I decided on a Plum Blossom Oolong tea. 

The tea came in a small teapot that you can take out the infuser to take into account steeping. The cups were simple and brown, which means you can't actually see the tea color. Overall Plum Blossom was very Plum and not so much that darker hint that usually comes with Oolong tea.

The crepes were given to my in a small dish with fruit on the side. The fruit had a sweet glaze on it, but the crepes themselves were too thick and a bit tasteless. Also I notice that the grill marks were only on one side. Overall, I was not impressed with the crepe and ended up just eating the fruit.

I also ate this apple walnut cobbler with ice cream. It was alright. Nothing special, in fact I can barely remember what it tasted like to describe it. 

Over thoughts on The Chestnut Tree Tea House
Atmosphere: 4/5
Tea: 5/5
Food: 3/5

I would give it one more try in hopes that the other menu options are more appealing.