Sunday, June 15, 2014

Denton Day Out: Part Two, Random Interesting Things to Get Lost in Thought

I walked to a Recycled Books, but came upon a really interesting antique mall. Their whole store front was covered in medieval weaponry. I took a snap shot of these sword canes, because these were the most aristocratic of the bunch. (Also Zelda Shields anyone?)

I also ran into a solar powered trash compactor. It's a wonderful idea to help clean up an area that can easily have trash flying everywhere.  

So I made it to Recycled Books. It looks rather nondescript, but inside was huge!

They even had a sizable...I say had, because this shelf looked a lot emptier after  I was done. I'll post a photo of my haul soon.

The last place I went to was Amitea. I heard about this place at another tea shop when I told them I was heading to Denton. This place is more of a drink shop. They sell tea drinks both hot and cold. I was tea-ed out by the time I got here, but I did buy to golden tea containers to hold some tea I bought. 

So that was my adventure in Denton. I would probably go back to Recycled Books and clear out more of their Proust section.