Monday, June 2, 2014

Items in the Mail

I got some new items in the mail today. Here they are!

The first thing is Atelier Pierrot's Berceuse dress. It's a lovely white chiffon and makes a wonderful woosh sound when I walk.  I plan on wearing it when I play Mahjong later this week.

 The last items are CDs. The first, that came with the poster, is 'This is My Wing' by Damijaw. Damijaw is the solo work Ka-yu the bassist of Janne da Arc. It has a nice hard rock sound. The poster is interesting. The wings are made up of individual photos.

The next is 'Double Moon' by Liv Moon. The sound is a metal with a female vocalist. I started watching her two PVs from this album 'Escape' and 'Getsuka' nearly every day. So I ordered the album when I pre-ordered Damijaw.