Sunday, June 29, 2014

Miho Matsuda Review

I recently place an order with Miho Matsuda international website. Before  ordering I tried to find a few reviews, but couldn't so figured I'd make one.  I noticed that a lot of the smaller accessories along with the sale items aren't on the international site, which is a bit upsetting since they had a cute cat charm bracelet I wanted.

Miho Matsuda reminds me a lot of Black Peace now. They have mostly black clothing items with some white, along with a good variety of vest and skirts. Also they make sure to list where their items are made. Most items are made in Japan, but some care made in Korea. They have a flat rate EMS even with the huge box I received I still only paid the flat rate EMS shipping they list on their site.

Ordering was really easy. I put everything I wanted into the chart and checked out. Something I realized after checked out (and getting confirmation e-mail) was there wasn't a place to put the city. It kind of fools you since there's a place for the country and zip code, but no place for city. So when you check out remember to do that.

Time line:
June 10 - Placed order
June 11 - Received confirmation that items were in stock and that I had three days to pay vie paypal to them. That's when I realized my city was part of the shipping address so I e-mailed them in simple English with the correction. The SAME day they resent an e-mail asking me to double check the address was correct. Their English was good.
June 12 - Got confirmation that they received my payment and that it would be shipped soon.
June 14 - Received e-mail that they shipped my package vie EMS.
June 18 - Package arrived.

So in total 4 days from placing my order to shipped and another 4 to get to my door.

My order:

They packaged everything really nicely with tissue paper, bubble wrap and this curious paper.  It was really fun to read the random passages. 

They also sent me a Matsuda bag, a business card, a flyer about some upcoming pieces and a cute hand written note encouraging me to 'not hesitate to wear the items alot of times.' Super cute!

 The first item I got was I call my 'gothic sun hat,' but it's  really called Wide Brim Hat with Ribbon (410733) They did an awesome job trying to get this to maintain its shape. Tissue paper was stuffed inside and bubble wrap was surrounding it in the box. It came with a dust cover too.

Whatever could this be? It kind of reminds me a frog with such a large mouth. I got Metal Clasp Bag (309140). It's much larger than I thought it would be, since I was a silly person and just looked at the pictures and not the measurements. Again a wonderful job packing with a dust bag and stuffing inside so it would hold its shape. 

(This is the only shot I took of the box, since I figured everyone knows what a box looks like)

The bag is really soft and has a wonderful rose print on it. The handles are really long so you can throw it over your shoulder and the bag comes with feet so you don't have to worry about the bottom getting dirty from being on the ground. 

Here's a good photo of the rose print. Sadly I did notice a small line around the stitching of a handle. It's a silver ling about 1cm in length. (it's a little hard to show on camera, but it is small and not very super noticeable)

This blouse is called Striped Short Sleeve Blouse ( 401034) It came wrapped in plastic. The description is navy x black and it is navy but with the black stripes next to it really give off more of a 'purple' look to me. 

There was about 7 small threads here and there on the blouse. These were easily picked up and tossed. It did come with an extra button and fabric swatch. 

The website has three sizes, but does not indicate if those were body measurements or garment. I can say they are indeed garment measurements. I have a 97cm bust and got some gaping, with a minimizer I get a bust of about 94 and there was no gaping. The sleeves are at a circumference at around 34cm so, for me, they are a little tight, but can be unbuttoned. 

I'm super happy with my experience shopping at Miho Matsuda. I do wish they would let all there stock be accessible to overseas orders.