Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Old in Out

  I have a rule of having for every new item in my wardrobe something old has to go. This keeps my closet form getting to large. Also, sometimes you get a sense of nostalgia with clothes. You remember what events you went to with it and taking a photo does kind of help keep that memory without having to keep the item.

The first 'in' item is an Excentrique skirt in their Checkmate collection. It's a wonderful skirt and the elastic waist wakes it easy to wear. The stripe patter on the op is textured and the fabric used for the bottom trim is so soft and light. I really like the ribbon detail, because it's checkered keeping with the chess board theme.

The 'out' is this skirt by Lip Service. It's an pencil skirt with an eye-hook closure and bow back. There's a fond memory with this skirt. When I started my self-employment this was the first item I bought with the money. Sadly, the eye-hooks come undone with longer strides, and it's become more awkward to wear with my current job. So it's gone.

The next item coming into my closet is a coat from Ichigo 15. I LOVE this brand. They custom make everything to fit, and their items are very practical. I don't like the heat buttons on this jacket though. So I'm going to replace those. 

Leaving my closet is this jacket by Outer Edge. I bought it when I first started college, but there's really no fond memories associated with it. It's rather ordinary and no longer fits it my more frill clothes. 

The last 'in' item is from a I bought from one of the stores in my local Korean town. It doesn't have a brand tag inside so I can't say who mate it. It has a chiffon kind of feel, and I really like the pleating. There's actually a  faint circle pattern on the fabric with a glimmer of silver thread. 

The white skirt is replacing this strawberry print from Atelier Pierrot. This was a total impulse buy, because it was such a cheap price second hand. The problem is that it's short on me and when I stick my underskirt on it just become massive.