Friday, July 25, 2014

The Old In Out

With new clothing items comes taking items out of my closet. So here's the in & out of the my wardrobe.

So coming into my wardrobe is this Excentrique dress called Lace OP. It's still currently on the site but only in black

This pencil skirt was handmade by System 63. It's a cute skirt, but without a slip I have to use my own. So that's just a tiny tick that makes me not want to wear this skirt as often. 

This next dress coming in is from Millie Fleurs and called Lace and Georgette. It's a wonderful chiffon and so easy to wear. 

The chiffon dress that the Millie Fleurs is replacing is Barouque's Antique Cutlery.  There were just a lot of things not working for this dress. There's miss matched lace, the fit is off, and the mint chiffon trim is cut in the front.  I found it blah the moment I put it on.

Coming into my wardrobe is this Ann Taylor skirt. It's just something simple with this awesome quilt feel to it. I love the flower design. 

Going out is this Korean skirt from a company called Design by J. I bought it off yesstyle. The slit on this skirt only goes half way down. So during the day it will start to go up making it rather uncomfortable to wear. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Outfit of the Day

Just a few quick outfits of the day.

Dress: Krad Lanrete Phantom of the Opera print

I wore this outfit while I played Mahjongg at home hence the slippers! I, unfortunately, did win of the games.
Dress: Black Peace Now: Rabbit and Windowsill Embroidery

This was a very gothic look I was going for.
Skirt: Atelier Boz
Corset vest: Excentrique

Simple dress from Mille Fleur 
Bag: Juliette et Justine: Escutscheon bag
Hat: Antique Beast

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Clothing Haul

I received some new items this last week so here they are.

The first items that arived in the mail were a corset belt and straw hat from Enchantlic Enchantilly. I manged to get these shipped within the US from one of their US sellers Harukjuku Hearts.

This dress I bought second hand from Jauctions. It's a chiffon dress by Mille Fleurs. It reminds me of the white Atelier Pierrot Berceuse dress I have, but the different in cut one the sides makes it for an interesting addition. Even though it's black it's super light weight and can be easily worn in the summer. 

The next dress is Excentrique's Lace one Piece in lavender. Excentrique also sent me a fall catalog with for their Fall release with the prices and month each item will come out. I'm really excited to get that as I can be on the look out for some items I know I want to get.

Next I bought an full length Atelier Boz skirt second hand. It's really dark and elegant on, but when I was putting it away I noticed that it was damaged and the seller said NOTHING about it. I've always had really awesome experiences buying second hand from japan so I was really shocked to see an item describe as good to have holes in it! 

Luckily the damage is along the bottom of the skirt, so it can be easily hemmed. I'm still a little upset, because now I have to take a special trip to my tailor. 

Another Enchantlic Enchantilly hat! Along with the hat they sent a bag and nine post cards in a cute envelope.

This one is called Hat and Pearl Rose. It was a super cute rose ribbon detail.

Starting on the top left I have a frill ruff by Gramm. It's really soft, and I can't wait to wear it.  To the left is another auction item a white Baby the Stars Shine Bright caplet. (I can never get enough capes) Then a Tripple Fortune. I was really excited when I learned they make more than just bonnets so I wanted to get something from their Kera shop, but this necklace is a little disappointing. The lace is really rough and stiff. I believe this so it keeps its shape, but I'm worried it might be scratchy to wear. The smaller items are a ring from Black Peace Now and  bracelet by KuniKuni. Finally just some socks from Innocent World

One the right is just the current issue of the Japanese magazine Gothic & Lolita Bible. The rest of the items are from a store called Victorian. They have a massive collection of random Victorian styled good. The bag and stationary I got in particular were from Tama. She supplied art for both Kera and Gothic & Lolita Bible. You can use Victorian to buy her items or use her shop. 

So that's it for the hauls. I have two Taobao orders coming, I had to split them up due to one item taking a lot of extra time, along with the two dresses due in August or some time around there. I promised myself no more buying any clothes until December, unless it's from Excentrique!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Closet Cleaning: Jewerly

In general, I'm a rather organized person, but over the past two years I've done nothing to stay that way. All my clothing and accessories are now at critical mass, and I'm taking July and August to clean out and organize. I’m doing one section at a time that way it doesn't feel super overwhelming. The first section I’m undertaking is my jewelry. I'm a strong believer that if you can't see it you won't wear it. So I try to make everything visible and easy to get to.


So here is my before picture. I didn't do any kind of cleaning before just snapped it how it usually looks.

I keep my jewelry on my dresser. My necklaces are on a hanging tree I bought from ClaudinesLimited on Etsy. They do similar styled items at most craft stores and on Amazon. As you see I've outgrown the one I have. Most of the chaos is from longer necklaces that just dangle on the floor and my multilayered chain of pearls.  My bracelets are kept on a black display, again these can be found at Amazon and craft stores. 

The first thing to do is take out things you haven't worn lately/no longer like. In my case these were mostly bracelets. Sell the ones you can, and keep/donate the rest. I like to keep mine and put them as small gifts when I sell larger items. 

This is one of the smaller top drawers of my dresser. I used to keep my rings along with my necklaces on the tree, but it got really cluttered so I bought a ring display from Amazon. (If you don't have a drawer like I have or rather have them hanging you can glue the foam to some cardboard decorated with wrapping paper/scrapbook paper/ paint and tie a cute ribbon to hang it up.) In this top drawer I keep the jewelry I will be giving away with sales. I also keep the extra buttons and fabric swatches from brands in here in a little box.

I bought one of these hooks from a craft store in a bronze to tie into the rabbit painting. Take your time and don't just buy something temporary or practical but doesn't leave an impression on you. Make it something you love or something that makes you smile when you see it. It adds just a little something to brighten your day. 

A little note that if you are using heavy hooks to make sure they are secured tightly to the wall, or else you'll end up with a tangled mess. (Yes, mine fell three minutes after I put on my necklaces) 

So here's what the new hook display looks like. I put smaller nails inside to make sure it was secured tightly and used those as extra hooks. 

Here's the after image of the hanging tree. I grouped like items together to make them easier to get it. It's so much more breathable now and the lack of clutter makes every piece shine. 

Here's my bracelet holder. Nothing too much has changed, but if I get any more bracelets I will get another one of the holders. Those are generally larger so I will have to take off my display books and find a new home for them. 

Final Look


Final Tips

Clear out jewelry you don't wear/like anymore. Sell the ones you can and keep the others for gifts.

Go vertical and display your jewelry as art

Check out your favorite jewelry store displays its wears,  take photos of any displays you like and copy.

Make sure you enjoy the items you buy for organization. It'll encourage you to use it and brighten your day. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Of Hats

 I found this interesting mini-documentary on Philip Wright. He is a London hatter that creates wonderfully diverse styles of hand. With an online store he's able to ship them all over the world. 

 This is a short 10 minute  of the documentary. If you want to see it all click here

Friday, July 4, 2014

Lesser Known Japanese Brands

We all know about Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Innocent World, but what about the other brands in Japan? Sure they might not ship overseas yet or have an English site, but if you already have pile going with a shopping service and Google translator why not give these brands a look.

I've collected a few that make me want to start to 'pile' with my shopping service.

Dangerous Nude

Dangerous Nude makes mostly corset, but also a few clothing items. Those are a bit out there for, but they recently added a skirt with the severed head of Medusa! (The skirt was from the brand Nude SOX)  It's dreadfully creepy and wonderful at the same time; just the items I go mad for. The site is also easy to navigate with categories in English along the side.


Kikirara Shoten also makes corsets along with accessories and the usual dresses and pants. These have a very Victorian Pierrot doll vibe to them. Easy to navigate, though Google translator does sometimes make Kikirara's image frames off in translation. Overall Sunning,  intricate pieces that will soon be added to my wardrobe. One of those hats will be mine! 


Sheglit is an easy to navigate site; you just need your finger on that scroll wheel.  The items are mostly black and white with a few items in red or blue. They update often, and their current collection contains a lot of lace and chiffon pieces.  Their headdresses are sunning, and they even sell jewelry, mostly butterflies and crowns. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Things in the Mail

So this will be my last big haul of the year, excluding the things I have being currently made with a taobao order. Some of these items are reservations that will send out in August. Some are things being shipped California from the awesome Harujuku Hearts store. Most of the items, however, are sitting somewhere in Japan waiting for that Triple Fortune lace choker to come in before shipping.