Saturday, July 12, 2014

Closet Cleaning: Jewerly

In general, I'm a rather organized person, but over the past two years I've done nothing to stay that way. All my clothing and accessories are now at critical mass, and I'm taking July and August to clean out and organize. I’m doing one section at a time that way it doesn't feel super overwhelming. The first section I’m undertaking is my jewelry. I'm a strong believer that if you can't see it you won't wear it. So I try to make everything visible and easy to get to.


So here is my before picture. I didn't do any kind of cleaning before just snapped it how it usually looks.

I keep my jewelry on my dresser. My necklaces are on a hanging tree I bought from ClaudinesLimited on Etsy. They do similar styled items at most craft stores and on Amazon. As you see I've outgrown the one I have. Most of the chaos is from longer necklaces that just dangle on the floor and my multilayered chain of pearls.  My bracelets are kept on a black display, again these can be found at Amazon and craft stores. 

The first thing to do is take out things you haven't worn lately/no longer like. In my case these were mostly bracelets. Sell the ones you can, and keep/donate the rest. I like to keep mine and put them as small gifts when I sell larger items. 

This is one of the smaller top drawers of my dresser. I used to keep my rings along with my necklaces on the tree, but it got really cluttered so I bought a ring display from Amazon. (If you don't have a drawer like I have or rather have them hanging you can glue the foam to some cardboard decorated with wrapping paper/scrapbook paper/ paint and tie a cute ribbon to hang it up.) In this top drawer I keep the jewelry I will be giving away with sales. I also keep the extra buttons and fabric swatches from brands in here in a little box.

I bought one of these hooks from a craft store in a bronze to tie into the rabbit painting. Take your time and don't just buy something temporary or practical but doesn't leave an impression on you. Make it something you love or something that makes you smile when you see it. It adds just a little something to brighten your day. 

A little note that if you are using heavy hooks to make sure they are secured tightly to the wall, or else you'll end up with a tangled mess. (Yes, mine fell three minutes after I put on my necklaces) 

So here's what the new hook display looks like. I put smaller nails inside to make sure it was secured tightly and used those as extra hooks. 

Here's the after image of the hanging tree. I grouped like items together to make them easier to get it. It's so much more breathable now and the lack of clutter makes every piece shine. 

Here's my bracelet holder. Nothing too much has changed, but if I get any more bracelets I will get another one of the holders. Those are generally larger so I will have to take off my display books and find a new home for them. 

Final Look


Final Tips

Clear out jewelry you don't wear/like anymore. Sell the ones you can and keep the others for gifts.

Go vertical and display your jewelry as art

Check out your favorite jewelry store displays its wears,  take photos of any displays you like and copy.

Make sure you enjoy the items you buy for organization. It'll encourage you to use it and brighten your day.