Sunday, July 13, 2014

Clothing Haul

I received some new items this last week so here they are.

The first items that arived in the mail were a corset belt and straw hat from Enchantlic Enchantilly. I manged to get these shipped within the US from one of their US sellers Harukjuku Hearts.

This dress I bought second hand from Jauctions. It's a chiffon dress by Mille Fleurs. It reminds me of the white Atelier Pierrot Berceuse dress I have, but the different in cut one the sides makes it for an interesting addition. Even though it's black it's super light weight and can be easily worn in the summer. 

The next dress is Excentrique's Lace one Piece in lavender. Excentrique also sent me a fall catalog with for their Fall release with the prices and month each item will come out. I'm really excited to get that as I can be on the look out for some items I know I want to get.

Next I bought an full length Atelier Boz skirt second hand. It's really dark and elegant on, but when I was putting it away I noticed that it was damaged and the seller said NOTHING about it. I've always had really awesome experiences buying second hand from japan so I was really shocked to see an item describe as good to have holes in it! 

Luckily the damage is along the bottom of the skirt, so it can be easily hemmed. I'm still a little upset, because now I have to take a special trip to my tailor. 

Another Enchantlic Enchantilly hat! Along with the hat they sent a bag and nine post cards in a cute envelope.

This one is called Hat and Pearl Rose. It was a super cute rose ribbon detail.

Starting on the top left I have a frill ruff by Gramm. It's really soft, and I can't wait to wear it.  To the left is another auction item a white Baby the Stars Shine Bright caplet. (I can never get enough capes) Then a Tripple Fortune. I was really excited when I learned they make more than just bonnets so I wanted to get something from their Kera shop, but this necklace is a little disappointing. The lace is really rough and stiff. I believe this so it keeps its shape, but I'm worried it might be scratchy to wear. The smaller items are a ring from Black Peace Now and  bracelet by KuniKuni. Finally just some socks from Innocent World

One the right is just the current issue of the Japanese magazine Gothic & Lolita Bible. The rest of the items are from a store called Victorian. They have a massive collection of random Victorian styled good. The bag and stationary I got in particular were from Tama. She supplied art for both Kera and Gothic & Lolita Bible. You can use Victorian to buy her items or use her shop. 

So that's it for the hauls. I have two Taobao orders coming, I had to split them up due to one item taking a lot of extra time, along with the two dresses due in August or some time around there. I promised myself no more buying any clothes until December, unless it's from Excentrique!