Friday, July 4, 2014

Lesser Known Japanese Brands

We all know about Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Innocent World, but what about the other brands in Japan? Sure they might not ship overseas yet or have an English site, but if you already have pile going with a shopping service and Google translator why not give these brands a look.

I've collected a few that make me want to start to 'pile' with my shopping service.

Dangerous Nude

Dangerous Nude makes mostly corset, but also a few clothing items. Those are a bit out there for, but they recently added a skirt with the severed head of Medusa! (The skirt was from the brand Nude SOX)  It's dreadfully creepy and wonderful at the same time; just the items I go mad for. The site is also easy to navigate with categories in English along the side.


Kikirara Shoten also makes corsets along with accessories and the usual dresses and pants. These have a very Victorian Pierrot doll vibe to them. Easy to navigate, though Google translator does sometimes make Kikirara's image frames off in translation. Overall Sunning,  intricate pieces that will soon be added to my wardrobe. One of those hats will be mine! 


Sheglit is an easy to navigate site; you just need your finger on that scroll wheel.  The items are mostly black and white with a few items in red or blue. They update often, and their current collection contains a lot of lace and chiffon pieces.  Their headdresses are sunning, and they even sell jewelry, mostly butterflies and crowns.