Friday, July 25, 2014

The Old In Out

With new clothing items comes taking items out of my closet. So here's the in & out of the my wardrobe.

So coming into my wardrobe is this Excentrique dress called Lace OP. It's still currently on the site but only in black

This pencil skirt was handmade by System 63. It's a cute skirt, but without a slip I have to use my own. So that's just a tiny tick that makes me not want to wear this skirt as often. 

This next dress coming in is from Millie Fleurs and called Lace and Georgette. It's a wonderful chiffon and so easy to wear. 

The chiffon dress that the Millie Fleurs is replacing is Barouque's Antique Cutlery.  There were just a lot of things not working for this dress. There's miss matched lace, the fit is off, and the mint chiffon trim is cut in the front.  I found it blah the moment I put it on.

Coming into my wardrobe is this Ann Taylor skirt. It's just something simple with this awesome quilt feel to it. I love the flower design. 

Going out is this Korean skirt from a company called Design by J. I bought it off yesstyle. The slit on this skirt only goes half way down. So during the day it will start to go up making it rather uncomfortable to wear.