Saturday, August 30, 2014

Excentrique Owns my Bank Account

I am in love with all of these Fall releases that Excentrique has been putting out. So much that even the looks that I didn't think I would like I find myself wanting to own! Oh my!

Here's the latest two that I'm excited to join my closet.

First was this Bell of the Ball Bustle skirt. I think it was the purple called that really pulled me into the skirt. Also the fact that the fully shirred waist came with a waist tie. I find fully shirred items very comfortable to wear, but the looks always suffers and really, for me. it something that needs to be covered to look nice.

The next item was the Bell of the Ball corset skirt. I was debating so much between black and purple and after seeing the purple I went with black. The corset part can detach completely and easily be worn with other items, which is was pushed me to the black. Once the corset is off you do have a fully shirred chiffon skirt. 

So I only know of three other items I'm looking at from Excentrique to buy, a cape, white lace skirt and a white mini-corset, but at at this point who knows. I might end up with everything they put out for Fall.