Thursday, September 18, 2014

Execentrique Winter Collection Thoughts.

Excentrique revealed their photo catalogue for their Winter collection Carnival in the Dark.

Being a massive fan of Excentrique, I happily clicked away at the link. These were a few of the pieces that caught my eye. They do have several other looks so have fun watching.  

The print for the collection is his Carrousel hot air balloon clip art nightmare. It looks good on a bag, but all over a dress? No, this is too much for you Excentrique and luckily I’m happier with the other items.

A stripped green theme runs throughout the collection too. It’s very refreshing since green isn’t too common of a color. They also have a similar stripped theme in red.  

This jacket is awesome. It wonderfully mimics what I imagine the ring leader of a circus would wear.

The same vibrant red is also used in one of Excentrique’s signature corset skirts. This one features some interesting looking brass buttons and a golden jabot.

One of the striped pieces is very Addam’s Family reminiscent with its black and grey color scheme. Though, I think this specific piece looks like an artist’s smock, and a long sleeved dress is not very practical in Texas.

This dress, however, I love! I really like the subtle stripes and the simplicity of the design, which is easy to wear. I wonder if this will come in the Addam’s Family black and grey.


The second dress I like is this jumperskirt style. The lace along the bottom matches a blouse, which is stunning with pintucks down the front. I think the white of the dress, however, is a bit dull. The way the doubling of the fabric along the seams is just a bit off putting. I hope this comes in a different color, perhaps a green or deep red to the standard black.

What from Excentrique’s Winter collection are you excited for?