Friday, September 12, 2014

Taobao Hual

The first thing I bought was this massive Classical Puppets A-line petite coat. I had it custom made to add some length to it, but oh my,  is it huge. I stuffed it under my mattress in hopes it would deflate, but that didn’t work. I took out a layer of fluff and it’s still huge! 

Oh well, it’s currently stuck in my mattress so hopefully it’ll be down to a reasonable size son.

Next, I bought this blouse from ichigo three colors. I love the blouses from this brand.  They are custom made and very easy to wear.

The black blouse is also from ichigo 15. I have a similar style in loved sleeved. It wears wonderfully and I love the extra pintucks. The blue blouse is from X and I would not recommend buying this. The elastic on the sleeves are very tight and uncomfortable even after first putting it on.

The next  item was a Miss Point skirt. It was by the biggest impulse buy of my life. I didn’t even try it on I sold it as soon as it came!

I got a large wicker purse, which is much larger than I thought it was. The hard whicker purse with the brown is very cute, while the white pearl purse was covered with hot glue strings. 

I think out of the three the one with the brown accents is the best. It even has a floral pattern on the inside.

The final items are a collection of small items. The top both came from this store and while the cat purse is smaller than I thought the level of detail is amazing. There are several different kinds of quilted textures and the cat’s tail moves. The ID holder I’ve been wearing since I received it and is holding up very well. I would be happy to buy from this shop again! The mirror and card cases are fine. I found the green one to not work well for my needs. There is no space to double up on cards so with only four slots it was lacking. The grey one didn’t feel sturdy enough for me so that’s another pass