Friday, January 30, 2015

Excentrique Spring 2015 first impressions

All these images are owned by the wonderful brand Excentrique. If you like anything you see please support the brand and buy items!

The 2015 collection is called Crystal Palace and is named after the glass Palace in Hyde Park in the mid 19th century.
The ‘print’ for this collection is an interesting twill like with a very Victorian theme of birds and nature bugs and flowers. It comes in blue and a soft pink. From the photos it looks like they’ll release two dress styles a blouse, and a skirt.


An organdy dress and what also looks like the blouse. The blouse is shown with an interesting bust covering JSK demon skirt. Usually Excentrque does these under bust.

Dolly Dream is a ‘20s inspired dropped-waist  dress. It seems to be come in a light pink/lavender color.

Another cape matched with a pinstripe corset skirt.

A typical Excentrique style JSK, lovely gold looking trim. 

An interesting shirred blouse shown in both black and white.

Sailor dress. The color is an interesting sea foam green

Another 20s inspired look with a high collar and a soft look.